a running occupation

A Running Occupation - Joe Sartorius & Lina Salcedo | 22.20 mins





A Running Occupation is a documentary that tells the story of a diverse group of Palestinians pushing their physical and political limits though training for the 2015 Palestine Marathon held in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.Yet this is no ordinary marathon. The complex geography and political tensions of the West Bank make a traditional marathon impossible, forcing the race to conform to this unique setting.


Director's bio:


Joe Sartorius is a filmmaker based in London. Living in Venice for a number of years sparked an interest in making films about the relationships between unusual spaces and the people that inhabit them. 


Lina Caicedo is an aspiring London-based filmmaker and keen marathon runner. Her first short 'I Do Not Run' on her experiences with an urban running community. 'A Running Occupation,' came about from a realisation that not everyone in the world has the same freedom to run.


Showing time - Sunday 03/04/2016 12:20

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