Belgian Blues - World Premiere

British Competition / London Emerging Talent

Kevin Waldie, UK, 24 mins,2016.



Richard has just turned 70 years of age, but has no plans to retire. Like his father before him, Richard is a tenant farmer in West Berkshire. He works alone, tending a small herd of dairy cattle. Even though the relentless physical demands of the work are now taking their toll, Richard finds it hard to imagine what a future life would be like without his cows. This is an observational documentary, filmed during the summer of 2016 and set against the backdrop of the EU referendum. It provides an intimate glimpse into Richard’s life, his livelihood…and his politics.

The director:

I am now nearly 60 years old. Looking back, I realise how fortunate I was to go to university and study social anthropology. It was a move that opened the world to me.  My first time on a plane was to Sierra Leone where I lived and researched for two years.  Then followed several years in Kenya, Nepal and Ghana working in the international aid industry, before I returned to the UK to teach.

Sunday 7th May 17:30  - The Cinema Museum

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