Bite, Brazil, 2016, 25 mins **UK PREMIERE**

Dir. Adriana Barbosa and Bruno Mello Castanho

Sunday 20th May 2018 @ Rio Cinema 14:00 - 15:30

Director's Bio

Adriana Barbosa

(Chica) is a Mexican/Brazilian filmmaker based in São Paulo, Brazil. She's part of the Film Collective "Cinefusão" since 2009 where she has worked in films such 'Wax' and 'String Quintet' and developed a video lab called "Laboratorio Cinefusão".  In 2016 she produced the feature documentary "Mud Trail" about environmental tragedy in Minas Gerais and produced the feature "Young and Miserable" and "A film about Cinema", both directed by Thiago Mendonça. In 2018 she co-directed the short film “La Flaca" about a transgender woman and leader of the Santa Muerte cult in Queens, NY. Her first feature "Madrigal for a Living Poet" premiered at the 21a Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes. 

Bruno Mello Castanho

Graduated in journalism, he specialised in film directing and dramaturgy. In 2009 he directed the short film "Cerol"selected for the 42nd Brazilian Film Festival of Brasilia; and "Quinteto de Cordas" (2010), screened at the Barcelona Festival. He is also the editor of the documentary “Entremundo” (2015), by Thiago Mendonça and the short film “El Día de La Batalha de Puebla” (2014), by Adriana Barbosa. In 2016, he co-directed the short film "Ferroada selected for the OFF Cinema Film Festival in Poland, among other festivals. He has also collaborated as a script writer in other projects such as "La Flaca" about the Mexican leader of the Santa Muerte cult in Queens, NY. In 2018 his first feature film "Madrigal for a living poet" premiered at Tiradentes Film Festival. He is currently developing his second feature film "Ode ao Natal"

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