Cattle Market - London Premiere

London Emerging Talent Competition

Sean Parnell, UK 2016 11 mins




Cattle Market is an observational and sensory documentary experience that explores the market floor operations at the Ashford Livestock Market. Combining intimate and detailed visuals, and an immersive sound experience, Cattle Market allows the audience to experience the bustling atmosphere that makes this environment such a unique place.

The director:

Sean began his filmmaking career as a music video and short film producer. During his studies at the University of Westminster under documentary producer and filmmaker Joram Ten Brink (Act of Killing, Look of Silence) he found a new passion for the art and discipline of documentary. Sean is an observational documentary filmmaker, which can be seen in his first film Cattle Market (2016) and also in his second film The Abbey (2016) and he is interested by institutions and unique communities and the interactions and relationships that take place within these places.


Saturday 12:30 at The Cinema Museum 

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