Elena Universo - Marga Amirall, 18 mins | 2020 Spain

Psychologist, Tuesday, March 3, 1st day: I feel guilty. Using the diaries Elena Rull Mur kept about her therapy sessions, and the Super-8 footage filmed by her ex-husband, Elena Universo builds the story of a woman that could be that of many women of her time, trapped between what society expected of them and their own desires, ambitions and dreams.

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Nominated International Documentary Award

Marga Amirall


Marga Almirall (La Floresta, 1989). She grew up without a television but has a degree in Audiovisual Communication (UAB) and has completed a Postgraduate Degree in Editing (UPF) and film criticism courses. Marga currently works at the audiovisual media promotion cooperative Drac Màgic where she is co-responsible for educational training projects in audiovisual languages. She likes to play with found film material and experiment with the first person. She has made the video-essay Estimada (vida) diaria (2016) and the short film Elena Universo (2018).