Adrian Figueroa - 30 mins | Germany, 2018

The film portrays eight men who are serving long prison sentences and attempts to show a differentiated image of the inmates.

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Competition Unconventional Storytelling

Adrian Figueroa

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Adrian Figueroa is a director and video artist. His first production, East by Steven Berkoff, was performed at the Greenwich Playhouse in London. In 2009, he began a Masters at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Since 2010, he has made a number of films in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, the UK and Germany. His most recent film is the documentary Die Lücke - ein Stück Keupstrasse (The Gap – A Piece of Keupstrasse) about the NSU nail-bomb attack in Keupstrasse in Cologne, based on the theatre production of the same name by Nuran David Calis at the Schauspiel Cologne.