Paolo Aguilar Boschetti - 20 mins | Spain, 2019

At the dawn of an era where the cycles of nature have changed and the rural towns are abandoned, four farmers accompany and help each other to survive. All now in their 80’s, they are the last ones left in an empty Spanish village.

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Nominated International Documentary Award

 Paolo Aguilar Boschetti 

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Paolo Aguilar is a photojournalist by profession. He has worked in the newspapers «El Mundo» and «El Comercio» of Peru. In 2001 he formed the photographic research team of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Peru for the exhibition Yuyanapaq (To remember). As of 2003, he is a correspondent of Agencia EFE in Peru, where he has also covered important journalistic events in South America. He is currently in the last year of the Documentary Film Diploma of the ECAM.