Lily Blackham & Giulia Gandini

10’56”/ United Kingdom /2019

Lily has been homeless in London for a year and a half. The filmmaker gave her a phone to tell us her own story, in her own words.

Available from 29.06

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Nominated British Documentary Award

Lily Blackham & Giulia Gandini

Director Lily Blackham & Giulia Gandini

Giulia is a London-based writer/director originally from Italy. Her latest short film My Time was long-listed for the Oscars Live Action Category in 2020 and was featured on Reuters, Refinery29, Yahoo and others. Her documentary mini-series Home Stream (supported by the UN and BFI Future Film, distributed by Real Stories and NowThis) quickly reached more than 8 million organic Facebook views. She graduated with an MA in Directing from MET Film School (based in Ealing Studios, London) and she is represented for commercial work by Helen Hadfield at Snapper Films

Lily Blackham is a British woman who after escaping her abusive partner has been living on the streets of London for the past year and a half. This is Lily's first short film and directing credit. She hopes her story inspires other people to be strong and believe in a better future.