Martha-Cecilia Dietrich - 34 mins | Perú, 2019

Horror in the Andes is an intimate portrait of a friendship that is held together by a shared passion for filmmaking. Set in the small town of Ayacucho the documentary follows three friends during the arduous process of making a horror movie. It explores how Andean filmmakers have resorted to horror fiction as a means to revive a pre-colonial past and their desire to make cinema for Ayacuchans.

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Martha-Cecilia Dietrich

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Martha-Cecilia Dietrich completed her PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester. She is currently a lecturer and post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Bern. Her (film) work is situated in the fields of political anthropology, memory in post-conflict settings and filmmaking as research method.