Living in Between - World Premiere

International Competition

Nefeli Oikonomou Pantzou, Czech Republic, 9 mins, 2016.

Romanian w/ English Subtitles


At the moment the number of homeless people in Czech Republic is approximately 68.500, while 9.500 out of them live in Prague. Having as a reference the concept of heterotopias as described by Michel Foucault, this documentary focuses on the public spaces homeless people appropriate and transform into
private ones.Using as a connective element between those different locations the water, we are making a journey in different spaces through the eyes of people living there.

The director:

Nefeli Oikonomou Pantzou was born in Athens on 1988. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts (Plastic Arts and Art Sciences Department) of University of Ioannina she worked as a
visual artist focusing on video art. On 2012-2015 she attended a number of filmmaking seminars and workshops and at the same time started working on small productions. On 2015-16 she attended FAMU International’s Academy Preparation Program. She currently lives and works both in Athens and in Prague.


Sunday 7th May 15:40 - The Cinema Musuem

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