Celia Willis & Emily Stein, 2:35 mins | UK, 2019

Magicland stars the fabulous Jenny Mayers, the first black woman to be invited into the Magic Circle, the world's premier magic society. Playful, charming and bursting with colour, this short film recreates Jenny’s enchanted home. We watch her show unfold, complete with plate-spinning, balloon-modelling, juggling and magic, as well as a special guest appearance from Jenny's protégé, her 6 year-old granddaughter Napthalia. Magicland is a celebration of personality, magic and the happiness that performance can spread. Fall in love with Jenny, just as audiences have done over the last thirty years.  

Available from 29.06

Available in all territories

Competition London Emerging & British Documentary

Celia Willis & Emily Stein

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MAGICLAND launched in 2019 for Channel 4’s Random Acts series, lighting up Twitter with worldwide adoration for Jenny Mayers, the magician who made history. 


Celia Willis is a London artist working in film, with a background in immersive theatre. She works with performers both professional and street cast, improvisation as much as scripts, and her work spans real life to the wildly imaginary. She also produces - working on short films, advertising campaigns, editorial content and theatre shows. Press includes The Guardian, Tmrw Magazine, 125 Magazine, It's Nice That.

Emily Stein is a multi award-winning photographer and director based in London. Her work is colourful, playful and celebratory. Emily's personal work has been featured on Nowness, Dazed, Vice, The Guardian, The British Journal of Photography and It's Nice That. Her commercial clients include The National Theatre, Universal Records, BAFTA and Stella McCartney. She is represented by Wyatt Clarke Jones.