Maria - International Premiere

International Competition

Shiri Paamony Eshel, USA, 26 mins, 2016.

English, Spanish W/ English subtitles. 

The director:

Director, videographer, photographer promoting alive an extinction cultures and especially African culture.In 2005 she started working in television as a producer, editor and director.Today, after 4 years of living in Africa where she manages an art project to promote peace and tolerance she moved to New York to take her MFA in documentary at SVA art school in Mamhatan.




Maria is an 18-year-old poet, daughter of Mexican immigrants from the Bronx NY. Maria’s life was never easy; her family moved between housing and shelters and never really had hope for a better future. When Maria started high school she experienced depression and social isolation. Luckily she started writing poems. 

Sunday 7th May 11:25 at The Cinema Museum 

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