Katalin Oláh, Sándor Csukás - 27 mins | Hungary, 2019

Now over 80 years old, Marika still has an infant soul. She craves desserts, loves to play with her stuffed toys and to dress up like a ballerina. With her childlike soul, she loves to dance and dances to overcome her lost childhood. Yet her enthusiasm hides deep and dark memories.

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Competition International Documentary

Katalin Oláh & Sándor Csukás

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Kata Oláh is a producer and director. She started her career at 14 as the host of the Hungarian state’s only channel’s weekly teenage show. She has since worked in the industry mainly as a producer. Since her focus on directing a few years ago, her films have received several national and international awards. Her first short fiction, En Passant, a story about domestic violence was selected by a number of international festivals and received several awards. Her second short is recently circuiting at festivals, her latest documentary film, The Bar Mitzvah boys has been nominated to compete in the PRIX EUROPA 2018.

2018 GIFT (Fiction, 14’)
2017 THE BAR MITZVAH BOYS (Doc., 74’) nominated for *Prix Europa 2018*
2016 MOTHER’S IMPRINT (Doc., 66’)
2015 ENAMORED CITY (Doc., 52’)
2015 EN PASSANT (Fiction, 19’)
2014 CONTEMPORARY LOVE (Doc., 52’)
2014 ENGAGED TO NOTES (Doc., 52’)
2010 ROMACOPS (Doc., 60’)

Sándor Csukás graduated at the Hungarian Film Academy in 1993. Since then he is a well-recognized cinematographer in Hungary, holding the prestigious Prize of György Illés, the Cinematographer of the year and the Prize of Béla Balázs. Sándor has participated as a cinematographer in more than 60 documentaries and short films, several TV drama and 12 fiction films.

2014 HEART BLOCKER (Short Fiction)
2010 BIRTHDAY (Short Fiction)