mini docs

Our selection of docs under 4 mins - TV Screening - Top floor Saturday & Sunday

Uncivilization (4 mins)

Oliver Carmi | Italy


What makes a city? A surreal urban journey through a Milano completely (and artificially) deprived of all signs of human life.



Beams (3 mins)

Mitchell Crawford | UK


An animated short documentary that follows two people who describe their separate experiences with being in contact with aliens.



Crumbs (1:20 mins)

Cemre Yilmaz and Mert İnan | Turkey


Berkin Elvan was murdered by a police officer while he was buying bread for breakfast. 



Kaldi (3 mins)

André Kirchner | Germany

A film about hide and seek, natural and artificial creations, the useful and the waste.



The best or nothing (1:06 mins)

Nicolás Prados | Spain


User's manual for an abandoned luxury car.



Dear Hassan (3:26 mins)

Axel Salvatori-Sinz | France - Syria


Lost in Paris I'm trying to remember what was Syria before the revolution.

Right to water (2:21 mins)

Sohel Mohammad | Bangladesh


A woman struggles to get water from the local City Corporation Water Supply Pipe. 



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