Tom Huntingford, George Cowie & Martin Armstrong 25 mins | UK/SYRIA, 2019

Anna, Jac and Kosta are three young Brits from very different backgrounds who have died fighting as volunteers against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. Someone Else’s War follows the journeys of their parents as they seek answers to why their children left home to fight against the world’s most feared terrorist organisation.

To date at least 20 British nationals, some with no previous experience of combat, have travelled to Syria to fight ISIS on the frontline. Eight of them have lost their lives. What led these young Brits to risk everything, travelling thousands of miles to fight 'someone else’s war'? And with returning fighters facing terrorism charges back in the UK, how should their actions be perceived?

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Competition British Documentary

Tom Huntingford, George Cowie & Martin Armstrong

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Tom Huntingford and George Cowie are a filmmaking partnership and the creative team behind the London-based production company Superfolk Films. Their co-director Martin Armstrong is a journalist and filmmaker formerly based in Beirut and now in London who has covered the Syrian Civil War since 2011.