the international

The international - Tatiana Mazu | 13.00 mins - Argentina

Spanish with English subtitles




‘I film my sister chatting with my mom while they prepare Christmas dinner. I film her in a workers' camp, at a picket line, I film her singing. I realized whilst watching a VHS that I had been filming her since we were little girls’

This archive based film documents the lives and relationships between two sisters and their mother. Intimately portrayed through home VHS videos, the film is both touchingly funny and moving at the same time.




Directors Bio


Tatiana Mazú González is a documentary filmmaker and art director. In 2014, she premiered her debut feature, The State of Things, co-directed with Joaquín Maito. She is a member of the Art Directors Collective Los Espigadores and of the activist film collective Silbando Bembas. She was selected in Berlinale Talents BA, Bolivia LAB VII, Acampadoc, Bienal de Arte Joven de Buenos Aires and Labex_arg.



Showing time - Saturday 02/04/2016 17:35

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