Steph Beeston - 19  mins | UK / Philippines, 2019

What does it take to live when you are surrounded by death? That’s a question Tony faces every day. After calling Manila North Cemetery home for more than 30 years and working as a mausoleum caretaker, life amongst the dead is not only normal, it is a necessity to survive. As Tony grows older, earning a living becomes harder, and the prospect of an existence beyond the cemetery gates withers. 

Available from 29.06

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Competition London Emerging

Steph Beeston

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Steph Beeston is filmmaker based in London and strives to tell stories from underrepresented communities that have as their backbone a strong sense of empathy. She is half Filipino and grew up visiting Manila regularly. Having always been a place of fascination for her it’s unsurprising this is the location for her first film. With a background in anthropology, she began her career as a film ethnographer, and Those Who Wait is her first venture into independent documentary filmmaking