David Verbeek- 22 mins | China, 2018

A new phenomenon of authentic Chinese rap has taken the internet by storm. But behind the unprecedented gains in popularity, there is a struggle for freedom of speech. Rappers are trying to figure out what they still can and cannot do after new censorship is announced. 

Available from 29.06

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David Verbeek

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David Verbeek completed his first film during his second year in filmschool, which got selected at IFFR. After graduating he made Shanghai Trance. His third feature R U There got selected to Un Certain Regard in Cannes. 

After this he went on to make a number of arthouse films that won prizes at festivals around the world. Most notably for his film Full contact in 2015 about a drone pilot. Verbeek currently lives in Shanghai were he is also active as a video artist and photographer. In his latest film An Impossible Small Object he for the first time appears as an actor. Verbeek has become one of the directors who’s work exists on the line between the film industry and the art world. 


  • Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains – short documentary - 2018 

  • An Impossibly Small Object – feature - 2018 

  • Full Contact – feature - 2015 

  • How to Describe a Cloud – feature - 2013 

  • Club Zeus – feature - 2011 

  • R U There – feature - 2010 

  • Shanghai Trance – feature - 2008 

  • – Short – 2005 

  • Beat – feature - 2004