Bizarro Video, Shop 63 - International Premiere

International Competition

Mariano Juarez & Dolores Montaño, Argentina, 11 mins, 2016.

Spanish w/ English Subtitles


The final days of the mythical rental house "Mondo Macabro", located in Corrientes Avenue in the heart of Buenos Aires. Specialized in Authors and bizarro films Mondo Macabro was the go to place for every film lover, students and musicians. Among it´s clients were The Ramones, Santiago Segura, Lance Henriksen, etc. During 20 years it was a symbol of the under culture in Buenos Aires. 

The director:

Dolores Montaño graduated from Universidad del Cine (FUC-Buenos Aires). She works as an Executive Producer since 2003 in  short films, documentaries, fiction and tv programmes. Her first film as director "Pledgers" was shown in several international festivals, as well as her short films "Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence" and  ¨Video Bizarro. Local 63.¨

Mariano Juarez graduated from Universidad del Cine in 2006 in Buenos Aires. He has shot several short films and videoclips for different artists and has edited several feature films ("Fantasma de Buenos Aires"(2009), "Las Islas"(2009) y "Promesantes"(2011), "Marea Baja"(2013) y "Bronces en Isla Verde"(2014). 


Sunday 7th 11:00 - The Cinema Museum

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