Lydia Howe - 17 mins | UK,2019

Windows to my Words follows the stories of four Moroccan women living in Luton, UK, as they navigate their journeys learning English as a second language. What started as an attempt to question the politics of English as a lingua franca, turned into a multifaceted exploration of the relationships between identity and multilingualism. The film navigates the fears and hopes involved in transitioning to a new town and the complex linguistic challenges this can bring, but are often overlooked by the mainstream media. As they bring up the next generation, the women reflect on what their aspirations mean for the linguistic world their children will experience.

Available from 29.06

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Competition for British Documentary


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Lydia is an independent filmmaker and visual anthropologist, with a background in observational cinema. Explorations of the ways in which film can be used as an anthropological tool to capture the embodied aspects of human experience drives Lydia’s approach to filmmaking. Her work has documented issues such as migration, interfaith dialogue, and mental health. 


Lydia also co-founded Alternative Fictions, a collective that uses film and anthropology to challenge dominant narratives.