Hamural Goren - 30 mins | ISRAEL, 2019

Hamutal, the director, arrives at the hospital to give birth. She is horrified to discover that her baby has no heartbeat.  She buries her stillborn baby girl in a tiny grave. Out of her pain, she connects with Doron, who also lost her baby. The film follows their journey.

Available from 29.06

Available only in the UK

Competition for International Documentary Award


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The director, Hamutal Goren, describes her personal journey after the loss of her stillborn daughter.

Graduate of Sapir College of Film and Television - 2005
A practical and theoretical film teacher in the Hartuv elementary and high school in the Mateh Yehuda regional council.
Teacher of practical communication at Ort HaOmanim College Ramla, Israel; tutor and instructor of teenagers in the production of documentary films.


Director Statement:

This story is about me. While going through the hardest drama in my life, I realized that I wanted to document what I was going through, for me and for anyone who ever has to experience it.
Since the issue of stillbirth is silenced and repressed, it is very important for me to uncover the subject in this film.
The artistic vision of the film was to describe one year, from the moment of the loss until the next birth. The film incorporates photographs of nature - the passing seasons echoing the stages we go through during a crisis. The power of nature corresponds to the power of life, which is stronger than we are and teaches us about the immense power within us, and about our growth and development as human beings, facing what life brings us.
The documentation and filming have been an emotional and therapeutic experience for me and have helped me greatly in coping with the pain.